Two gold cuff links, Russia, 1894-1918. Plague is an infectious disease caused by bacteria. These cufflinks contain pictures of two different strains of these bacteria. The names of the strains are engraved on the back. The plague-causing bacteria were discovered in 1894. It is believed that these cufflinks were made by Fabergé, the celebrated Russian jeweller. The use of these images on the cufflinks suggests the pride taken in the discipline of bacteriology.

Björk by Nobuyoshi Araki, 1996.

Marlies Plank

la vague - henri matisse

Robert Mapplethorpe in front of his cover for Patti Smith’s Horses, c. 1975
10:18"I overcame myself, the sufferer; I carried my own ashes to the mountains; I invented a brighter flame for myself." — Friedrich Nietzsche (via yeshecholwa)

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Carrie Mae Weems, A Broad and Expansive Sky—Ancient Rome (from Roaming), 2006

Ferry Zayadi, Bastet London, Circa 1982

“Black, Red and Black” | Mark Rothko (1968)
spirit writing my own horoscope - Monday, May 12, 2014 .

at this time you feel your life. you are particularly attracted to the ideals of a painless, easy way. you are now provided the opportunity to be prepared for sudden shifts. key issues arise becoming involved in some form of projecting your imagination on others. but the probability is higher than you were aware. following the crowd to hide, impatient and rather reckless at times, you experience major unexpected, sudden changes in your dreams. you are also very prone to fantasize about a more perfect idealistic state. at this, probably deceiving yourself. you should not. you are impulsively affectionate and awakened at this time. and the novelty and possibilities for the changes push to consciously initiate them. the only caveat is to keep quite restless, though you are so, so lazy. sometimes a wave of spontaneous, responsive, and creative flows in over and you are inclined to be moved, though be wary of deception from others in life. perhaps more importantly, you believe in unexpected ways. you promise to gain a fresh, more inspired perspective. you tend to project there is a high probability that some people will try to take advantage of the exaggerated and fantastic, then as your own tendency persists, form a great distance to others. you now seek what will not necessarily occur now. also, you may find that you cannot restrain your imagination; let it soar. for this time period sensations of rebelliousness and abrupt changes in adventure await. impulsive decisions that you can regret take an exotic vacation. visit the low point in your ability to reach spiritual aspirations, effectively unveiling an inspiring place. you tend to become seriously disoriented and experience a more imaginative, unstable territory. psychically make major decisions and be weary of any tendency to drink to excess, you are prone to make sudden sadness. you entertain more fantasies than you realize, and easily slip into a disoriented and confused state of mind. even danger zones. be very careful when in a more magical, awe-inspiring world. a way to escape from practical affairs is watching many movies as a used for medical purposes. though may cause emotional upheaval. so be very careful with an urgency now. this is the feel you need to escape from your daily routine and immerse yourself in the very disorienting and confusing. during this time you are likely to find yourself reading fantasy with practical affairs. exciting world. time. you are driven more by sudden intuitions and dreams grip you. you pretend to be very strong at this time, and a stable, predictable. that offers an easy victim of this deception. find yourself.


"There’s such an effort to try and explain people." - Tilda Swinton

Carpenter & Nasmyth, Terrestrial And Lunar Volcanic Areas Compared, ca. 1874 | Medium: Woodburytype [source]